Gus Farnes is a British artist whose work explores the human condition.
In response to geopolitics, the concerns of our times, people movement, alienation, the environment, he sculpts figures using materials selected from his local situation – remnants from a landscape, 3D printed patterns, found objects collaged, bound together, and fixed with wax on both an intimate and monumental scale and, by casting them directly to bronze, creates a body of unique work.

Gus cast his first bronze at the age of 16 which led him to Norwich School of Art in 2000 After leaving Norwich in 2004, he joined Sotheby’s as graphic artist, where he learned more about art and the art market.

In 2016 Gus left Sotheby’s and London to pursue his practice as a sculptor, setting himself up in a studio and foundry located in Suffolk.

His sculptures have been acquired for private collections throughout Europe, the US, Asia and Australasia.